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Sodium Lactate (Liquid)

Sodium Lactate (Liquid)

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Sodium Lactate

In soap making, sodium lactate serves several purposes:

  1. Hardness: One of the primary benefits of using sodium lactate in soap is that it increases the hardness of the soap bar. This allows the soap to last longer and resist softening or becoming mushy when exposed to water.

  2. Humectant: Sodium lactate has humectant properties, meaning it attracts and retains moisture from the air. This helps keep the soap hydrated and prevents it from becoming too dry or brittle.

  3. Easy release from moulds: Sodium lactate helps in releasing the soap from moulds more easily, allowing for smoother and more detailed designs.

  4. pH regulation: It can also act as a pH regulator, helping to reduce the alkalinity of the soap. This can be beneficial for those with sensitive skin, as it makes the soap milder and less likely to cause irritation.

When adding sodium lactate to soap recipes, it is typically dissolved in water (at about a 60-70% concentration) and then added to the lye solution before mixing it with the oils during the soap-making process. The recommended usage rate is usually around 1-5% of the total oil weight in the soap recipe, but it can vary depending on the desired characteristics of the soap.

As with any ingredient, it's essential to follow proper safety guidelines and measure accurately when using sodium lactate in soap making. Always wear appropriate protective gear and handle lye and other soap-making ingredients with caution.

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