Oils for Soap Making and Cosmetics

Welcome to Soapmaid, your ultimate destination for premium oils tailored to elevate your soap-making endeavours. We take pride in offering a curated selection of top-quality oils for soap crafting, meticulously chosen to empower your creative journey. 

Whether you're an artisan soap maker or just beginning your adventure into the realm of soap crafting, our range of oils, including coconut oil for soap making, castor oil for soap making, and jojoba oil for soap making, will unlock a world of possibilities. Our commitment to excellence extends to each product we offer, ensuring you have the trusty tools you need to create soap that excels in both quality and performance. 

We stock a range of vegetable oils perfect for soap making and other cosmetics. Our most popular oil is our Australian virgin olive oil, which is sourced from our very own local farms.

Oils for Soap Making | Soap Maid

Our Range of Oils - Oil to Make Soap

Olive Oil - Australian Virgin

Our Australian Virgin Olive Oil is sourced from local farms, ensuring exceptional quality. Its versatility and mild aroma make it a popular choice of oil to make soap and amongst soap makers. Whether you're a seasoned artisan or a beginner, our olive oil is a reliable staple for soap making.

Coconut Oil Arome RBD

For those seeking the perfect lather, our Coconut Oil Arome RBD is an excellent choice if you’re looking for coconut oil for soap making. It's prized for its ability to create a rich and creamy foam in soap. Plus, its purity and consistency make it a preferred option for craft makers.


Palm Oil (RSPO Certified)

Sustainability matters and that's why we offer RSPO Certified Palm Oil. Crafted with ethical and environmental considerations, this oil is perfect for those who want to create soap while preserving the planet.


Castor Oil Organic

Our Castor Oil Organic is a favorite among soap makers for its emollient properties. It adds moisture and creaminess to soap bars, leaving your skin feeling soft and supple.


Sweet Almond Oil

If you're looking for an oil that pampers the skin, Sweet Almond Oil is an excellent choice. It's rich in vitamins and nutrients, making it a popular pick for soap recipes that prioritise skin health.


Jojoba Oil Golden

Jojoba Oil Golden is prized for its similarity to the skin's natural oils. It's an exceptional choice for those crafting soap with a focus on moisturisation and skin balance.


Castor Oil - Organic 200ml

Our conveniently sized Castor Oil - Organic 200ml bottle is perfect for small-scale soap making projects. It ensures you have the right amount of this beneficial oil on hand when needed.


Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil, known for its omega fatty acids and antioxidant properties, offers a unique twist to soap making. Its natural earthy scent can add a touch of character to your creations.


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Crafting soap is an art, and we're here to provide you with the best materials to bring your vision to life. Order your preferred oils today and embark on a soap-making journey like no other.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use these oils for other cosmetic products?

Absolutely! Our oils are versatile and can be used in various cosmetics, such as lotions, balms, and scrubs.

Are these oils suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, many of our oils, like Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba Oil, are well-tolerated by sensitive skin types.

Is Palm Oil RSPO Certified sustainable?

Yes, RSPO Certified Palm Oil is sourced sustainably and adheres to strict environmental standards.

How can I incorporate these oils into my soap recipes?

We provide usage guidelines and tips on our product pages to help you achieve the best results in your soap making endeavours.

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