Melt and Pour Soap Bases

Passionate about crafting unique soap bars that not only cleanse but also captivate the senses? At Soapmaid, we share your enthusiasm and offer an enticing array of premium melt and pour soap bases. As Australia's leading supplier of soap-making materials, we're here to elevate your soap-making journey. Our melt and pour soap bases are the canvas upon which you can paint your soap-making masterpiece. 

With a commitment to quality and creativity, we provide soap makers with the finest ingredients, including goat's milk, glycerin, and palm-free options. Discover the artistry of soap making with Soapmaid and unlock a world of possibilities for your craft.

Melt & Pour Soap Bases

What Are Melt and Pour Soap Bases?

Melt and pour soap bases are pre-made blocks of soap that are designed to be melted down, combined with other ingredients if desired, and poured into molds to create custom soap bars. These bases are made from a variety of ingredients such as vegetable oils, glycerin, and sometimes other additives like goats milk. They are sold in solid 1kg wrapped blocks and can be melted using a double boiler or microwave. At Soap Maid, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of melt and pour soap bases to cater to all your creative needs.

Our Melt and Pour Soap Base Varieties

Goats Milk Soap Base

Unlock your creativity with our Goats Milk Soap Base

Our Goats Milk Soap Base is a customer favourite. Made with pure goat's milk and other premium ingredients, this soap base is gentle on the skin and provides a luxurious lather. Whether you're making soap for personal use or for sale, our Goats Milk Soap Base is an excellent choice.


Ultra White Soap Base - Palm Free

Elevate your soap-making game with our Ultra White Soap Base

Our Ultra White Soap Base - Palm Free is specially crafted for those who prefer palm-free soap options. It produces a rich, creamy lather and is ideal for adding colours and fragrances to create visually stunning soap bars.


Crystal Clear Soap Base - Palm Free

Thus, embrace clarity with our Crystal Clear Soap Base

If you want your soap bars to have a transparent finish, our Crystal Clear Soap Base - Palm Free is the perfect choice. This base allows you to create soap with a crystal-clear appearance, making it ideal for embedding objects or adding vibrant colours.


Melt and Pour Soap Supplies Australia

At Soap Maid, we don't just offer top-notch melt and pour soap bases; we also provide a wide range of other soap-making supplies to meet all your crafting needs. Explore our collections of oils, butters, chemicals, and bath bomb supplies to find everything you need for your next project.


Get Creative with Soap Maid

Are you ready to dive into the world of melt and pour soap making? Soap Maid is your trusted partner for top-quality soap supplies in Australia. With our premium melt and pour soap bases and a wide range of crafting materials, your soap-making journey awaits.

Explore our collections, unleash your inner soap-making enthusiast, and craft soap bars that will delight your senses. Join our mailing list for insider news, product launches, and more. Order today, and let your creativity flow!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes melt and pour soap bases different from other soap-making methods?

Melt and pour soap bases are convenient and beginner-friendly. Unlike traditional soap-making, you don"t need to work with lye or worry about curing times. Simply melt the base, customise it, and pour it into molds.

Is your soap base suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, our soap bases, including the Goats Milk Soap Base, are gentle on the skin. They are suitable for those with sensitive skin and can be customised with soothing additives like oatmeal or chamomile.

Can I add fragrances and colours to your soap bases?

Absolutely! Our soap bases are perfect for adding fragrances, essential oils, and colours to create unique and personalised soap bars. Be sure to explore our collections of oils and butters for a wide variety of scents and additives.

Do you offer bulk purchasing options for soap makers?

Yes, we offer bulk purchasing options for soap makers and crafters. Contact our friendly customer support team to discuss your requirements and receive a personalised quote.

How do I get started with melt and pour soap making?

Getting started with melt and pour soap making is easy. Check out our Soap Making Guide for step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to kickstart your creative journey.