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Cocoa Butter (Grated)

Cocoa Butter (Grated)

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Cocoa butter is a natural fat that is derived from cocoa beans, which are the seeds of the cocoa tree. It is a key ingredient in the production of chocolate and is also used in a wide range of cosmetic and personal care products due to its moisturizing and skin-nourishing properties.

Cocoa butter is obtained by roasting and grinding cocoa beans, separating the cocoa solids from the fat, and then refining the fat to produce a smooth, creamy butter. It has a rich, chocolatey aroma and a smooth, velvety texture that makes it a popular ingredient in many food and cosmetic applications.

This quality Cocoa Butter is prime pressed and is excellent for adding hardness to your soap. An amount of 3-10% of the oils is recommended for soapmaking. Can also be used in lip balms, body butters, moisturizing creams and other beauty products. ​


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