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Coconut Oil Arome RBD

Coconut Oil Arome RBD

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Coconut RBD, which stands for Refined, Bleached, and Deodorized, is a type of coconut oil that has undergone a process of refinement to remove impurities and create a neutral flavor and aroma. It is made from the meat of mature coconuts that have been dried and then pressed to extract the oil.

The refining process involves several steps, including bleaching and deodorizing the oil to remove any residual flavors or odors. This results in a clear, colorless oil that is stable at high temperatures and has a long shelf life.

In addition to its culinary uses, Coconut RBD is also commonly used in the cosmetic and personal care industries. It is a popular ingredient in skin and hair care products due to its moisturizing properties and ability to penetrate the skin quickly.

Excellent for giving your soap plenty of lather.

This coconut oil solidifies in a solid block, it is NOT fractionated coconut oil.

Food grade coconut oil.

Packaging 15L (Box)

Packaging 2kg (Pail Bucket) ***NEW***

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