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BTMS 50 Conditioning Emulsifying Wax

BTMS 50 Conditioning Emulsifying Wax

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BTMS-50: The Ultimate Conditioning Emulsifier for Luxurious Cosmetics

Discover the secret to silky, smooth, and irresistibly soft hair and skin with BTMS-50, now available for your cosmetic formulations. BTMS-50, or Behentrimonium Methosulfate (50%), is a mild, vegetable-based conditioning emulsifier renowned for its exceptional detangling and conditioning properties. It stands out as a must-have ingredient for those seeking to create high-quality, luxurious hair and skin care products. Ideal for a wide range of applications, from hair conditioners and leave-in treatments to facial creams and body lotions, BTMS-50 ensures your products deliver unparalleled softness and manageability.

Why Choose BTMS-50?

  • Superior Conditioning: BTMS-50 is celebrated for its outstanding ability to soften and smooth the hair and skin, making it easier to detangle and leaving it feeling silky and non-greasy.
  • Versatility: Whether you're crafting rinse-off hair conditioners, deep conditioning masks, or daily skin moisturizers, BTMS-50 provides the perfect base, ensuring your products are both effective and enjoyable to use.
  • Gentle and Effective: Its mild nature makes BTMS-50 suitable for all skin and hair types, including sensitive skin, promoting hydration without irritation.
  • Natural Origin: Derived from the natural oil of rapeseed, BTMS-50 aligns with the growing demand for natural and sustainable cosmetic ingredients, offering a guilt-free choice for eco-conscious consumers.

Applications in Cosmetics:

  • Hair Care: Elevate your hair care line with BTMS-50. From intensive hair masks that restore moisture and elasticity to lightweight leave-in conditioners that protect and nourish, BTMS-50 is the cornerstone of premium hair treatments.
  • Skin Care: Incorporate BTMS-50 into your skin care formulations to achieve products that not only moisturize but also leave skin feeling exceptionally soft and supple. Its compatibility with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients allows for creativity and innovation in developing your unique skin care solutions.
  • Sensitive Formulations: Thanks to its gentle profile, BTMS-50 is ideal for products targeting sensitive skin and scalp, ensuring comfort and care without compromise.

It's important to note that BTMS-50 is not a stand-alone preservative, and if a product contains water, it may require additional preservatives to prevent microbial growth.

Note: When receiving your product, you will notice a distinct smell (fishy).  This is a standard odour and will diminish completely once your formulation has been completed.

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