The ultimate detox soak is combined with a purifying salt mixture, including magnesium rich epsom salts and two incredible skin loving clays to help detox.


Zeolite Clay: This clay has a powerful natural cleansing agent for the body and skin. Zeolite is a mineral that is anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant, and helpful for clearing pores.


Kaolin Clay: Kaolin clay benefits your skin by gently sloughing away dull dead skin, absorbing impurities from your pores, and leaving your skin feeling wonderfully soft.


Scented with Lavender essential oil.


Ingredients: pink himalayan salt, epsom salt, fine sea salt, zeolite clay, kaolin clay, essential oil


Shelf Life: 12 months


Net weight: 350g


Note: Please contact us for orders over 100 pieces


BARCODE:  This item is NOT barcoded.


NOTE: MINIMUM WHOLESALE ORDER IS $100 (excluding postage)



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